It is now simpler than ever to get started with building React apps thanks to a variety of very clever build tools, which we will be talking about today.

1: Create-React-App

npx create-react-app demo

Let’s Get Started

How to Use Import Instead of Require Statements in a Node App


  • Basic Understanding of NodeJS
  • Knowledge of Express is not a requirement, but will certainly be helpful
  • Beginner Level Command Line Experience (know how to make a new directory and change to it)
  • An up to date…

Step 1: Setting Up Our Project

We will learn how you can manage state locally in your app with Apollo using Reactive Variables.

How to create a Sign-Up form in React using React Hook Form, Material-UI, and Yup


  • Node and NPM (Node Package Manager) installed
  • Beginner Level Knowledge of React
  • Understanding TypeScript is a Benefit (It will not be used heavily in this tutorial…

It’s easier than ever before to set up authentication in your React app, and that is thanks in large part to Auth0


  • Knowledge of React
  • Node and NPM installed on your machine
  • A positive attitude (this is the most important one)

Let’s Get Started

Creating an Account

1. Regular CSS

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